Customer Care: Aella Loan App – (Login and Register)

Customer Care: Aella Loan App – (Login and Register) , Get the right Phone Number , Email , Contact and Other details for this Loan App.

It shouldn’t be so complicated to borrow, invest, pay bills, and get health insurance. With Aella, all these are available at the snap of your fingers.

Aella Loan App
Aella Loan App

You deserve to take a little credit for your hard work sometimes, that’s why you get easy and instant access to funds with Aella.

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Aella takes the hassle out of finance – efficiency, simplicity and ease of use is what you get with having all your financial services on one app. Whether you are a business or an individual, we put control back in your hands.

Customer Care: Aella Loan App

Send email to: [email protected]

Reviews On Aella Loan App:

This loan application is the best loan app I have ever seen. They are considerate in interest rate, Even when I defaulted during the pandemic because I have to shut down my business,they don’t disturb customers with call or started messaging ones contact to embarrass customer… and when I paid back,no default interest was added. You guys are the real helpful loan application that makes borrowing money an easy thing. Thank you and God bless your organization

This app is almost perfect, reasonable interest and quick disbursement but I applied for a new one this morning and I have been approved of it but it has not been disbursed… Yet the date for payment has already been set.

Your are getting worse and reducing in value added services. I applied for a loan and it was approved for the past 4 hours now and still counting I am still waiting for you guys to put the money in my wallet or account but you didnt . The most annoying thing is that you were fast in communicating to me that the approved loan is due. Kindly cancel the loan so that I can delete your inefficient app .

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