Customer Care: LCredit Loan App – (Login and Register) APK Download

Customer Care: LCredit Loan App – (Login and Register) APK Download , Get started with the free Contact details below , Phone Number – Download the APK Free.

Customer Care: LCredit Loan App - (Login and Register) APK Download

Customer Care: LCredit Loan App

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Reviews On LCredit Loan App:

Lcredit, I was trying to repay a loan on your app and an unauthorized debit occurred. I was supposed to pay the sum of twelve thousand naira using your online platform form. In the process I was debited N5,171 which didn’t reflect on my dashboard. I had to make a transfer to your bank account to clear the actual loan. I have made efforts to get the issue sorted out with you guys but all to no avail. Please contact me…We need to balance our accounts. You guys were doing great. Thanks.Play Store User

Customer Care Airpeace

I like the fact that you increase my limit the moment I repaid my loan and also that I can borrow as many times within my limit. However I’ve been trying to access your app to repay my loan. But it’s not working, that’s why I had to leave a review as there no other means of reaching you. Kindly sort this out. I also will not pay any overdue payments because it’s not my fault. Thanks

I so much love and cherish this app. It’s magnificent and very simple to access, if you’re not among individual using this app then you are missing something great. They give loans at exactly moment you need it. They’re one of the best I really do recommend to people. Lcredit is a reliable and trusted app for your urgent need.

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1 thought on “Customer Care: LCredit Loan App – (Login and Register) APK Download”

  1. Blessing Amasiama Godwin

    I really appreciate the speed and promptness of this app, thanks so much to Lcredit. pls I ve been trying to repay my loan through transfer before the due date but I don’t seem to get it, I will appreciate if the steps to making the repayment is clearly summarized and sent to me. thanks in anticipation.

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