Reviews: – (Scam Or Legit) – Login and Register “GLOVER APP”

Reviews: – (Scam Or Legit) – Login and Register “GLOVER APP” , Experience a faster, easier and more reliable way to buy and sell your Giftcards with Glover.

whatever asset you want to trade, we’ve got juicy offers for you.


Our platform is designed with you in mind; simple, and easy to use without assistance.

We created glover with you in mind; simple, easy and convenience

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Review 1
This is my first time of using this app and i am already not getting impressed. I want to verify my BVN since last night but i keep getting ‘you could not verify your bvn at this moment’. That’s driving me crazy cause it’s going to make me lose a client and you are about to lose a client as well if you don’t find something to do about it as soon as you can.
Review 2
This app just takes the concept of seamless transaction to a whole different level. The ease to trading gift cards and other digital assets is exceptional. It is safe and reliable. Checkouts and payment is also conducted in a real time. I will strongly recommend.
This app is 💯% good but there’s a problem which is… Your charges are too high!! I sold google play card $50 which I saw as #13,000 but was credited with #11,500. Then another $50 iTunes card which was #12,000 but was credited with #10,000. The last time I traded with patricia wasn’t like this twas the exact amount written in the value was what I got! So please make an improvement about it please 🙏🏿.

Summary: Reviews: – (Scam Or Legit) – Login and Register “GLOVER APP”

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