Customer Care: Baxi Box POS – (Login and Register)

Customer Care: Baxi Box POS – (Login and Register) , Phone Number , Email and Other Contact details are shared on Reviews Below.

The Baxi mobile app is a unique multifunctional android mobile app that enables our users to buy/sell different types of digital products and services.

Customer Care: Monnify

Through a one-stop-shop strategy, taking away the users stress of having to liaise with several product vendors, the Baxi app can be used to derive a regular source of income and to help build thriving businesses.

Baxi Box POS
Baxi Box POS

Furthermore, our users are better able to maximise their earning capacity and fully diversify their earning stream.

Customer Care: Baxi Box POS

3, Murtala Muhammed International Airport Road, Ajao Estate, Lagos, Nigeria

Partnership – [email protected]
Support – [email protected]

Baxi platform has a nationwide agent network with high concentrations at communities and areas that are not sufficiently served to carry out financial transactions.

Its mobile nature encourages vast usage, high revenue stream and create empowerment opportunities. A platform that provides an easier way to earn for every transaction on a wide range of products with real-time access to the value of an investment.

We welcome you to join our unique one-stop-shop with ease. If you are interested in our Baxi devices call us on 017008571 or reach out to us on any of our social media platforms

For our Mobile App – BaxiMobile: Follow the steps below;
– Go to Play Store or App store
– Search for Baxi Mobile
– Download the App
– Sign up and follow the prompt

Reviews Customer Care: Baxi Box POS – (Login and Register)


– I have been trying to access the post paid service since on the 15th of April but once I select the amount and click continue the app automatically logs out and stop working.

– The App is awesome but the only challenge I have for now is that my Baxi device kept on rejecting an Access Bank Verve ATM card. Once inserted, it will process for hours, non stop. I’m not happy about this because it made me loose a huge sum of money from my customer yesterday and this morning. Please I need to know why it happened and how it could be resolved because I wouldn’t want such disappointment again. Thank you

– I cannot login to my account since last week, it keep saying invalid username or password, you can also reset your via reset link. But when I tried resetting the password it still not working. 2. I forwarded an information to updated on my account (Email and phone number) they sent a mail yesterday that my information have been updated and that a mail have been sent to the new email I provided, but uptill now I’ve not seen any mail. Please help I have some money there.

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