Customer Care: iMoney Loan App – (Login and Register)

Customer Care: iMoney Loan App – (Login and Register) , The Phone Number and Email Of This site shared below , WhatsApp Number also shared.

IMoney makes it easy for people in Nigeria to access a loan, anytime, anywhere. Complete our application in seconds and receive your loan straight into your bank– account. IMoney is like a bank in your pocket, there for you at all times. Visit our website to learn more.

Customer Care: iMoney Loan App - (Login and Register)

You can follow this link and click Update. Or you can go to Google Play, search for “IMoney” then click “Update”.ange information that was previously used to process a successful loan application. You must double check the information before you click submit button.

Customer Care: iMoney Loan App

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Email:[email protected]

Read Views From iMoney Users:

Horrible! Horrible…these is the worst app. I borrowed money and before the deadline for repayment expired they sent messages to my contacts like I had failed to repay. A lady called to ask and was very rude to say the least….not worth it. Very horrible. Their representatives are very uncouth and unprofessional. Very horrible. To anyone who cares to listen. Don’t use this app. You will regret it. You won’t have peace of mind. Abort mission .

Wow the customer service of this great app are horrible. Today (6/5/21) is my due date. The stupid customer care started dispatching an embarrassment msg to my contact without my notice around 10am. I was surprised caused the due date is not yet over. A day to my due date (Sam) one of the gullible customer care services called to remind me of my payment. This same Sam rain curses on his family not me on my due date.

Great apps. Swift response but bad customer service. Imagine being threaten on the phone and via SMS to tanish my image just because I was having issues with bank and couldn’t do a transfer or pay directly from the apps. It has been brought to our notice that you are trying to sabotage the peaceful resolution we lay down for the repayment of your loan,right now,we have taken a drastic action in order to get the money back..Just wait and see the outcome of your nonchallant attitude about the rePlay Store User

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  1. I paid my debt on the 23 of this month u people did not message me since then I paid in zenith bank this now u message dat I shuolp pay on time I have the debith allert on my gone pleas check ur account

  2. I paid into zenith bank 1016633378 xgo finance limited I paid on 22of this month they debit me my due date is on the 28 and now u people are still asking me for money please check ur account

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