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Customer Care: Zabira – (Login and Register) , A platform crafted for you to trade, buy and sell gift cards, bitcoins, airtime data topup and bills payment.

Zabira ( grand masters of instant payment) is the first and most trusted fully automated cryptocurrency company that exchange bitcoin and gift cards to instant cash directly to your local bank account. The exchange you can count on.

Customer Care: Zabira - (Login and Register)

Trade Giftcards, Bitcoins and get paid instantly. Pay your bills from everywhere in the world within minutes

Reviews Customer Care: Zabira – (Login and Register)

Total trash. I traded on the app they credited my wallet then I tried to withdraw then they said put your four digit pin, I wasn’t told to create a four digit pin before, then I tried resetting the pin which I never created before, then I tried and tried no otp received on my phone and now my money is stuck in this rubbish app. Very stupid I regret ever trading 👎👎👎👎

Customer Care: Opay POS

Reliable and trustworthy i got my amazing gift card redeem despite i made so many mistakes i was call and corrected but i will love the app developer to always work on it anytime errors occur

Scammer website. I don’t know why google allowed some apps here. Don’t try or install the application. Ur money will Lost lost lost. You can’t withdraw your money even to send out your bitcoin to other wallet.

I redeem a Canada steam gift card$20 and they put 4000 in I’m wallet and I try to withdraw it out and it not working and now they did allow me to login to the account and they are telling me that I should try again later with my 4000 in the app please help me to do something to this

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Customer Care: Zabira

Contact Info
Phone: +234 906 2020 111
Email: [email protected]

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