100+ Yahoo Boys Quotes – 2021 Verified Formats and Sayings

List Of  Yahoo Boys Quotes:

Yahoo Boys Quotes
Yahoo Boys Quotes

1. Pikin wey no get helper suppose get sense

2. Person wey no fit buy bread today fit build bakery tomorrow
Better days ahead

3. Follow who know road, but hold transport Money…e get why

4. Rain wey beat us today go wash our Benz tomorrow on God

5. When e reach ur time
Even ur clock go work without battery

6. Street na general market I don pick 2(too)

7. Baba remove my rags and give me the bags

8. Motivational speaker tell me say him start hin barbing salon with razor blade and broken mirror na waiting motivate me start my yahoo with Nokia 3310

9. I remember wen I broke then
I tell my shadow make him go hustle
We can’t be suffering together

10. God no go shame us

11. Battery wer full go low and battery wer low go full, d pray be say make d charger no burn.

12. Scam de rich 💰 feed de poor 😔 collect from de devil 😈 and run 🏃 to God ✌

13. Pesin u subscribe for by 12:00 fit buy ur house by 12:30.

14. Who first buy car, na him buy old model

15. We dey drink gari no mean say fried rice no dey freezer

16. Who no show you road no suppose know your location

17. Congratulations go reach everybody

18. Breeze d blow Emeka e no mean say e no go blow John

19. Respect who GET , fear who never COLLECT … cuz him first taking everywhere go burst

20. The “HUSTLE” be like “EBA”…
Everybody go make am!

21. Rich,poor, last last everybody go paii

22. The Best Advice Na The One U Give Urself So Hustle Make Ur Call No Come Be Like Noise….

23. The native doctor way do am for you know the implication dats why him no do am for himself 😂 we move

24. If ur future no bright use torch

25. Na person way get sponge we dey cut soap for
If door no open we go jump window
If ur future no bright use torch
No be say we no Sabi short cut
Bt we no wan ball for 6 months cum go 6fit

26. When dey say hustle hard eh no be by strength cause even dangote no fit lift one bag of cement

27. Ur indomie quick done no means say who d cook beans lazy

28. Because say we d trek no means say we no go buy Benz

29. No go compete with who suppose show u road

30. All man for himself no means say mk u no help ur guy
Who no show u road no suppose no ur location

31. Never let the pressure of those eating their harvest make you eat your seed’s

32. The roads to success is data, battery, format and grace

33. Oluwa if na butter dey delay this bread send am like that I get beans

34. If you give your brother update no mine say you self no go cash out

35. u fit no see 2k today but tomorrow I fit gv u 100k why unnecessary attitude
I fit dey broke 11:59
Cash out 12:00 … nah grace wey pass ritual we dey pray 4

36. 99 days for the billing
1 day for the cash out
Hush puppy nor get 4 head
Believe the story go soon sweet
Na time e go take

37. Hustle !!! , God Weah Give You Avalon go give u g wagon

38. De last time I check nah cartel man kill Jesus

39. No too rush brotherly if land finish we go buy house

40. Ppl: cut soap for us na
Yahoo: Shey u fit baff for cemetery

41. Traffic wey dey vex driver na e dey give gala seller joy

42. Chase the Email
Forget the female

43. Am born by +234 but survive through +1

44. Sars wey punish me today fit be my escort tomorrow
On God E get Y

45. I exchanged my sleep for the slips

46. No throw away ur garri cux yah neighbor dey cook fried rice.his gas fit finish

47. No dey wyne grace

48. Hot water wey dey make egg strong na him dey make yam soft, be humble.

49. Don’t Look Down On Anybody , He Fit Wear His 200 Naira Trouser and Give You Format.

50. Person wey get 2Gb data fit blow pass person wey get 2 million naira
The hustle na by sense

51. Being broke issa part of the game
Staying broke issa personal choice
Learn how to chase the bag

52. White lives matter too, make them no go kill person client for riot. E Get Why.

53. When dem say make you hustle hard no be by strength o,
even Dangote no fit carry one bag of cement. 😂 😂😂

54. No use your mama head buy benz, at least if you no get
money, get sense 😂😂 😂😂

55. Ji Masun, Make Dem No Carry Your Babe Pass You
For Tinted Glass




59. You Want to Buy Benz and You’re Using Premier Cool To
Bathe, Your Client No Go Reach Walmart

60. Hustle Hard So Person Wey You Wan Shock No Go Shock
You First

61. Your Padi Dey Arrange Hennesy, You Dey Arrange Ice
Bucket. – Hustle E GET WHY !!!

62. If you know you know, Street is too tough Hustle na the

63. Girl wey lap us for keke na them go stay front seat when our Benz fall out

64. School taught me ABC
Street taught me BTC

65. Brother man life nah A and B enjoy your akara if your burger🍔 never done.

66. Life na selfie
If person no one snap you try snap yourself make e sexy

67. Hustle oo make u no dey snap ur food everytime chicken enter am

68. No be who fine pass get money ooo …. na who get sense pass ….. even dangote no gree open boutique

69. When u cash out make sure say u knack money for u mama head oo dat woman prayer na de safest vpn

70. Na bae where tell us when sars dey come…we go buy bone straight hair give

71. If client no gree pay na to arrange e matter for baba front

72. Na bae where help us select beans for night we go buy Benz give

73. No dey over hype urself there’s no forever champion Bobo

74. Client wey no pay you money
Na picker e be for another pesin.

75. Woman wey go pay, no go stress person.

76. Pikin wey no get helper,suppose get sense.

77. Your new lifestyle na anoda person throwback

78. Na babe wey turn garri for us na e we go turn steering for

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